Sarahah App Silently Steals Your Entire Contact List

Sarahah is newly launched app that has become one of the most viral apps within a couple of weeks. This app allows users send messages to each other anonymously. Questions are raised about the security and privacy policies of this app.

Is Sarahah really secured and private as it sounds? Not exactly. Sarahah steals your contact information silently and stores it on the server.

The Sarahah app uploads users’ contact list and address book record to company’s server, noticed by security analyst Zack Julian.

According to the Intercept when users install the Sarahah app on their device, it immediately extracts and uploads the entire contact list and email addresses from users’ devices. The access of contacts by Sarahah app doesn’t have any logic, as users exchange texts anonymously in Sarahah.

Sarahah steals contacts silently

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Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the creator of Sarahah saying this app harvest and uploads contact list of the users on the company’s server because the company has decided to add a new feature by which user can easily find his friends from his contacts but due to some technical issues the launch date of this feature is delayed.

Tawfiq also assures its users that the contact permissions will be removed in next update of Sarahah app.

For the security measures, users are recommended to review the access permissions by the apps. You can change the app permissions manually in Android by visiting Settings >> Personal >> Apps >> Configuration app.

Though, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq has made a commitment to change the contact access permissions in the next update, the users who are concerned about the security of their data, will definitely discontinue to use this Sarahah app.

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