How to Schedule Automatically Shutdown Windows PC at Night

There are days when you forget to shut down your laptop or PC. Keeping it powered on for entire night or for the time when you are not using it, Even if the power consumption of the laptop or PC is bare minimum, still it recommended to shut it down.

You can set up a schedule to automatically Turn off your PC if it is kept idle for a specific amount of time. With the help of steps given below you can automatically shutdown Windows PC.

You can also put your PC in Hibernation or sleep mode. Keeping the system in Sleep or Hibernation mode will help you save the booting time next time you use your Laptop or PC.   But still if you like to power down your PC, you might like to follow the guide which will enable you to schedule automatically shutdown Windows PC at night.

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How to Configure Windows PC to Automatically Shutdown at Night

Hit Windows button on keyboard and type “Task Scheduler” and select the first result to launch Task Scheduler app.

Launch task scheduler to schedule automatically shutdown Windows PC

Click on “Create Task” in Actions pane.

Task scheduler action pane

Select General tab, you need to do the following in this tab section:

• Type the name for new task.
• Fill the description of the task.
• Enable “Run whether user is logged on or not”.
• Enable “Run with highest privileges”.
• Select the version of your Windows from the drop down menu under “Configure for” option.

schedule automatically shutdown Windows PC by creating task

Now move to Triggers tab and do the following:

• Click New button to create a trigger.

create new trigger in task scheduler to schedule automatically shutdown Windows PC

• On the “New Trigger” window, select “On a schedule” from the drop down list under “Begin the task”. Enable “Daily” option and set up the time to schedule automatically shutdown Windows PC. You can also sync across time zones by enabling the option appearing adjacent to time setting. Click OK.

schedule the task of automatically shutdown PC at night

Select the next tab i.e. Actions and do the following:

• Click New to create new action.

create new action in task scheduler

• In New Action window, open the drop down list under “Action” option and select “Start a program”.
• Type “shutdown” under “Program/script” text box.
• Type “/S” in “Add arguments (optional)” text box. If you want to force running apps to close without any warning, type “/S /F”. Now hit OK.

Specify new action setting

Open “Conditions” tab on “Create Task” window and follow below instructions:

• Enable the “Start the task only if the computer is idle for” and set the time as per your choice. We have set 30 minutes, which means if the computer has been idle for 30 minutes at night (on scheduled time), the task will be initiated.
• Set the time under “Wait for idle for” option which will configure PC to wait for that specific time for idle time to happen. We have set it as an hour.
• You can enable two more options first one is “Stop if the computer ceases to be idle” and second one is “Restart if the idle state resumes”. The former option stops the task of automatic shutdown Windows PC, if you start using the PC and the later option will start the task measuring idle time again after you stop using it. Now click OK button.

Set conditions for the task of scheduling automatic shutdown Windows PC

Now select the “Settings” tab and enable the option “If the task fails, restart every:”, set up the time preference and number of attempt to restart up to. Press OK button.

setting of task restarting in case of failure

You will be asked to fill the password of your account in order to verify authorization. Type the password and hit Enter key.

user name and password filling to verify authentication

That’s it. Now your Windows PC will be shutdown at night if you are not using it at that particular time (schedule time).

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