Schedule Your Data Backups on Cloud Hosting

Taking backup is one of the most important job for any company or an individual. Habit of taking Periodic backups can save your money and efforts. Apart of taking physical backups you also choose cloud backup services, which is being provided by various cloud data hosting companies.

You can also use backup software to move the files that you want to backup manually into a folder, where they are then synced with the service. It is more comfortable to automate the process, as depending on the number of files, the documents that you want to backup, and their location. You need to take two decisions about hosting server and Data backup.


Picking a service

If you are already using a service, then it allows you to use it for backup storage. When you come in free storage, then Sky Drive also offers a pack of 7 Gigabytes of a free storage space.

Cubby offers user to compress and encrypt the files before uploading them to cloud hosting server. Both the features save your allotted cloud space and data which is already encrypted and only be decrypted by your account only. With cubby you can sync your data between your computer and cloud only new and changed file will be uploading saving your time.

Schedule cloud Hosting Data Backups

After completed the preparations, you can configure the backup job in Ace backup. You can start the program after installation and click on file> new to create a job.

1. Project name, backup Location: – You can also assigns a name to your backup and select the at least one location, where you want to store your backup files. You can also create a folder in Skydive, Which is located in C: /User/Username/SkyDrive.

2. Security and Compression: – For this, you can also select the Options compression to save up the disk space and Encryption to protect the data in cloud.

3. General Settings: – You can select to overrides the old file and creates a new folder, whenever it changes. You can also configure how the name collisions are handled by the backup service.

4. Advanced Settings: – The Application uses the Windows tasks scheduler, as when you click on the schedule button and configure it for creating and updating backup. You can also configure the program, once in a day in the morning, or at night. After and before, when the project has been processed on the system, you can select to run applications.

5. Selecting the local files: – When the job of data backups is configured, you can also adds a local files and folder to it. You can also click on Project > Backup Wizard and select the files and folders, which you want to backup on your system. Unless, you disable the option in Wizard, the backup process will be runs immediately.

6. Processing: – Before transferring the backup to Skydive, Ace backup compress and encrypts the data. Skydive is also synchronize files or folders with cloud. There is no issue to synchronize small and medium sized backups, as when you end up with backup on your local systems and on the Skydive.

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