Gmail is one of the most used & one of the best email service available online. If you use Gmail and receive large amount of emails daily it’s some time difficult to manage all the unread mails. In my case I had some 900 unread mail. Instead of selecting individual emails to make them as unread you can make a simple search in search box to get list of all the unread emails in one place.


To do this go to

  1. Go to Search Box
  2. Enter “label:(unread inbox)
  3. Select all the emails displayed
  4. Click on Select all Conversations that match this search
  5. and select  mark as read from More action drop down menu

You can use the same search query in Gmail for mobile also.


  1. Thanks for the help – BUT I can’t seem to mark the ALL as read – only 20 per time. I have 3000 – unread and want to get them unread. Any help on this??

    • Hi Dan,

      When first 20 emails are displayed check the select all button below the search text box. After it is checked your will see a link above your first email saying ( “All 20 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search”) click this link and all your emails will be selected.
      Hope this solves your problem.

      Manpreet Singh Rehsi


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