Once you format your system the first thing you do after installing drivers is of installing system utilities which are most essential for  you. Now you have to search for setup for common software’s like firefox, anti virus or PDF reader all placed at different locations on your hard drive or download them separately from there respective sites, here SIP 1.5 can be a time and effort saving tool for you. Smart Installer Pack  has usually required start-up software embedded into one installer.


    • Easy, intuitive user interface design
    • Contains usual start-up software*
    • Greatly reduces the time needed to install that software, eliminating some of the unnecessary searching, waiting, etc.
    • All free
    • The installer comes packed in a convenient executable file
    • You can choose which software you want to download and install from within the program using suggestive icons
    • The application is made as small as possible
    • Install fast, fast, faster!

    File Size :- 21.83 MB
    Version  :- 1.5
    License  :- Freeware
    Homepage :-