T-Mobile hacked

2 Million Customers’ data breach from T-Mobile server

T-Mobile, the most popular telecom service admitted that hackers have breached its server on August 20 and hacked over 2 million customer’s data including names, addresses, account numbers and billing zip codes but the good news is the breach doesn’t contain any financial information of customers like credit card numbers, … Read more

1.4 billion usernames and passwords found on Darkweb

1.4 Billion Passwords and Usernames Found on Darkweb

Researchers at 4iQ found a massive database collection on Darkweb which contains 1.4 billion usernames and passwords without any encryption. The online circulating data is shown in plain text. According to the 4iQ founder and chief technology officer Julio Casal this is the largest database leak ever found on Darkweb. … Read more

Firefox to warn users while visiting websites that has experienced data breach

Firefox to Warn You While Visiting Hacked Websites

Recently, Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum with 2x faster speed and some of other amazing features. Now the Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya has unveiled that the Firefox will now bring more security features to warn the users while visiting websites that are compromised. Data breaching is becoming a serious issue … Read more

Cex data breach, Cex hacked

Two Million Customers Information Breached from CeX Server

UK’s biggest retail store CeX’s servers are hacked and millions of customers’ data got swiped by hackers. Yesterday, the dealers at CeX noticed that the data of their customers’ is missing. After some investigation, CeX stated that the two million customers’ personal information has been breached from their systems by … Read more