ElectroRAT Malware Targets Crypto Wallets

A new extremely intrusive Remote Access Tool (RAT), ElectroRAT has been targeting cryptocurrency wallets. A rise in the value of cryptocurrency is attracting cyber attackers to attempt phishing attacks and drain their private Digital currency wallets completely. Till now, around 6500 victims have been affected by this ElectroRAT malware. Although … Read more

T-Mobile hacked

2 Million Customers’ data breach from T-Mobile server

T-Mobile, the most popular telecom service admitted that hackers have breached its server on August 20 and hacked over 2 million customer’s data including names, addresses, account numbers and billing zip codes but the good news is the breach doesn’t contain any financial information of customers like credit card numbers, … Read more

Instagram accounts hacked

Russian Hacker Locked Instagram Accounts

A widespread hacking campaign which stems from Russia locked hundreds of Instagram accounts. The hacker starts replacing users email addresses with their own email addresses having .ru domains. Victims are reporting about changes in their accounts names, profile pictures and passwords on Twitter and Reddit. In the attack, users’ profile pictures … Read more