Java 8 offline installer, JDK 8 direct download, JRE 8 standalone installer

Download Java 8 Offline Installer

Oracle released Java 8 to bring a more powerful Java development environment for building applets, applications, and components in Java. JDK 8 includes JRE and development tools which are used to develop, debug, and monitor programs written in Java programming language. If you want to proceed with Java for bringing … Read more

Java 6 Update 24 Released by Oracle

Java 16 Update 24 is released by Oracle Corporation to fix 21 vulnerabilities found in previous versions of Java Runtime Environment & Java development Kit. As per details made avaliable by Oracle corporation out of 21 vulnerabilities which this udpate fixes 13 affects java Client deployment, 3 affects both client and server deployments, 3 vulnerabilities affects Java Server deployments only. Only 1 vulnerability affects Java DB which is a component of Java JDK.