Latest Telegram 4.2 is released with some new set of features . Though the Telegram is already offering lots of remarkable features, out of which some are not available in other messaging apps, the developers’ team is continually adding more worth noticing features in every latest Telegram version.

Telegram 4.2 update

With this Telegram 4.2 Update, the new features introduced are redesigned photo editing tools that help you to give a new look to your photographs, the self-destruct timers for the media files (photos and videos) when you share them in secret chat. For instance, you share sensitive media file privately by setting self-destruct time of 10 seconds, the media will get disappeared exactly after 10 seconds when the recipient opens your message. The another more important feature is that you will get alert notifications immediately if the recipient takes the screenshot of the media for which you have set self-destruct timer.

Besides this, now you can also add a bio in your profile. The short descriptive words will help you introduce yourself to other Telegram users. Moreover, you can also enlarge the scrolling area of stickers and select the appropriate stickers to share on Telegram.

The Telegram team has formed the sophisticated technologies in order to combine the speed and security which is essential to increase the real time performance of Telegram app. For this, they have started to support CDN (third-party server) for caching encrypted public videos and photos shared on Telegram channels. Consequently, the download speed for public media will be increased for tens of millions of users even without compromising with users’ security.

Source: Telegram blog


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