There are several great things that Gmail, the official Google online mail application, can handle. Here are a few of the best Gmail features that you should use. Some of these features can be activated from gmail labs tab in settings page .

Labels :- You can create different labels for all of your emails. These include labels that help to state that you have certain emails for personal needs, receipts from online transactions, travel parts and other materials.

Spam Reporting :- You can report individual emails as spam mails. This can work in the event that an email ends up appearing in your inbox and that email is spam. Google will keep a record of your report and potentially collect several reports to help create spam notifications. This will help to keep certain emails from being sent to other people over a period of time.

Mail Goggles :- Mail Goggles is a unique feature to see. This is where you will have to enter in an equation or answer before you can get an email fully sent out. This is used primarily as a means of ensuring that a person will not send out an email while drunk.

Undo Send :- The Undo Send feature is a valuable feature that works to help keep an email from being sent out. It does not delete emails that have been sent out but will instead hold onto an email for five seconds before it ends. This is used to help allow you to cancel a sending process before it becomes official.

The ability to handle emails offline :- Offline functions are available on Gmail. This can allow you to set up emails that you will end up sending when you do get back online. You can add attachments to your emails even if you are offline.

Contact restoration :- Your can restore old contacts that you have deleted. You will have up to thirty days to bring back any old contacts that you might be deleted in the past.

Forwarding to other accounts :- You will be able to forward Gmail messages to different online mail accounts that you have. This includes other online mail accounts that you might have with Gmail.

Filter messages :- Individual filters for different senders can be used. You can create individual filters that send emails to or from a specific email address into a different part of your Gmail account. This is very convenient if you need to keep in touch with someone on a regular basis.

Indicators :- Indicators can provide you with details on how certain messages are personally sent to you. A double arrow on a message will state that a message was only brought out to you. A single arrow will state that you are one of many people that a message was sent out to.

Mute functions :- The Mute and Smart Mute features can help you out with getting conversations that you don’t want to see to be cleared out. The Smart Mute feature will work with not only one conversation but also with all responses that go with different conversations in mind.

When you use these features you can get Google Mail to do more for you.



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