Top 11 Tips to Secure Android Mobile Phone

Android mobile phone security issue is becoming serious as noticeable phishing attacks, ransomware activities and viruses attacks have been detected by security experts. Most of the digital activities are being performed on Android devices such as financial transactions, dealing with sensitive data and much more. To secure Android mobile phone will prove to be a boon for the users who want to keep their activities (performed on Android mobile phone) under the shroud of secrecy.

Secure Android mobile phone, Tips to protect Android mobile phone

The mobile security breach, data theft and infect Android phones are rising drastically and the someone who is using Android platform for secret conversations, data and other important credentials need to contemplate the consequences of using the insecure Android mobile phone.

The various factors are responsible for low Android mobile phone security such as using outdated Android OS, installing apps from unknown resources, physical control of your Android device by unauthorized persons (in case the device gets misplaced or stolen).

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Tips to Secure Android Mobile Phone

  1. Avoid to Install Third Party Apps: Google recommends Android users to install the applications only from trusted source (Google Play Store). The attackers cloak Potentially Harmful Apps (PHAs) in such a manner as they look like an authentic app. In order to protect Android mobile phone, you need to avoid third party apps installation. In case you do have requirement of the app which is not available on Google Play Store, read the reviews of the dedicated app carefully and if the reviews are good then proceed to install it.
  2. Avoid Rooting Android Mobile Phone: Some of the users use rooting to bypass what the manufacturer have intended and this compromises the security of your Android device. The manufacturers use security protocols, therefore, users are not recommended to root Android phones.
  3. Handle Ads and Pop-ups Carefully: The attackers perform malicious activities by showing you fake ads and pop-ups. Clicking on that may transfer your confidential data to the attackers or even transfer the full control of your Android phone.
  4. Track Data Access Permission Asked by Apps: As you might notice, when you install an Android app, it asks for the permission to access your information. At that moment, don’t allow the app without reading it properly. Only two-three permissions would be sufficient for the attacker to take control of your Android phone.
  5. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi: Don’t use your sensitive information during the connection of public Wi-Fi. It’s very easy to steal your data, so you should avoid using public Wi-Fi to keep your Android phone secure.
  6. Keep Android Phone Updated: Updated Android OS and apps ensures that your device is safe from malicious activities. Whenever the developers find vulnerabilities in applications, they provide updates and you should install the updates quickly.
  7. Set Up Google Find My Device App to Remote Wipe When You Lost Android Mobile: It is very easy to take physical control of the mobile phone, therefore, the attackers can breach data without making extra efforts. Moreover, mobile phones get misplaced and stolen more often. Someone who gets the access to the dedicated Android device can steal important information and use it inauthentically. To prevent the attackers, you can install “Google Find My Device” app. This app helps you to lock your device in case your Android phone get misplaced or stolen. You can also erase the data if you want to avoid misuse by any person.
  8. Don’t Click on Unverified Links: The attackers display fake links on various websites and apps. Even sometimes, the fake links of well-renowned websites are created to mislead users. Be careful while clicking on unverified links displaying on your Android phone.
  9. Keep Your Android Mobile Phone Locked: Use PIN or pattern to lock your Android phone as it prevents unauthorized persons to access your phone without your consent. Every manufacturer provides the feature to lock your device while Android lock apps can also be used to secure Android mobile phone.
  10. Avoid Downloading Attachments from an Unverified Email: You might get a number of emails with attachments from unknown senders. Don’t download the attachments as that can infect your Android device.
  11. Backup Android Mobile Regularly: As the mobile phone may get misplaced or stolen, therefore, you should backup your important data on your PC. The benefit of taking the backup is that you can erase your data using “Google Find My Device” app without worrying about data.

If you follow all the above tips, you can secure Android mobile phone and the attackers won’t be able to compromise your data saved on Android device.


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