Google started two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to the accounts. An unauthorized person or hackers usually try to guess your password and attempt login, therefore the two-step verification helps you to protect your account. Unfortunately, now SMS based two-factor authentication has become a new way to hack the accounts and Google is going to upgrade this feature with Google Prompt.

The accounts on which two-factor authentication is enabled, are now more prone to phishing attacks as the attackers can get the clone SIM card divert SMS to another contact number. Consequently, even the extra layer of security is bringing threats to the accounts.

The prompt-based verification is replacing the SMS based two-factor verification. It is more secure as it runs through Google Play Services and nobody can intercept the prompt.

Google Prompt

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In case the registered mobile is stolen or missed, you can easily deregister by using the web browser on another device.

As per Google announcement, “Starting next week, 2-SV SMS users will see an invitation to try Google prompts when they sign in. The invitation will give users a way to preview the new Google prompts sign in flow instead of SMS, and, afterward, choose whether to keep it enabled or opt-out.

Overall, this is being done because SMS text message verifications and one-time codes are more susceptible to phishing attempts by attackers. By relying on account authentication instead of SMS, administrators can be sure that their mobile policies will be enforced on the device and authentication is happening through an encrypted connection.”

Google Prompt verification

Google prompt verification is launching to both rapid and scheduled release and available to all G Suite editions. Moreover, the notifications to test Google prompt based verification will only be displayed to the users enabled 2-SV SMS.

The users need to have the data connection to use Google Prompt and iOS users are required to install Google search app.

Let’s see what would be the response of users after getting Google Prompt verification.

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