How to Uninstall OneDrive Application on Windows 10

OneDrive is an online storage app which comes pre-installed with Windows 10. OneDrive app provides the facility of synchronization of data. Still some of the Windows 10 users prefer to use other online storage applications rather than in-built OneDrive app.

Some time ago, it was not possible to uninstall OneDrive app on Windows 10 PC and some users were quite annoyed due to this. Now the uninstall option is available and it can be accessed easily by following few simple steps.

To Uninstall OneDrive Application

Launch the Settings app of Windows 10 PC from the Start menu or by pressing Windows+I key and click on System option.

uninstall OneDrive Windows 10

Click on “Apps & Features” appearing on the left pane of the window.

uninstall OneDrive application on Windows 10

Now find out OneDrive application from the list on the right pane of the window. You can quickly find it by using search box. Click on it and hit uninstall button.

uninstall onedrive settings

The prompt window “This app and its related info will be uninstalled” will appear. Again hit uninstall button on the prompt window.

uninstall OneDrive application on Windows 10

That’s it. This simple process removes OneDrive app from your Windows 10 computer.

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To Reinstall OneDrive Application

If you realize the need of OneDrive app on a later stage due to any of the reasons, you can get it back.

Just launch Microsoft Windows Store and search OneDrive by typing in search box. Now hit install button. You can click here to get the app directly. It will take little time to install (depends on your Internet connection speed).

reinstall Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10

After installation, you can use your Microsoft OneDrive and sync the data of Windows 10 PC.

Note: When you uninstall OneDrive app on Windows 10, it doesn’t delete the OneDrive data which is already lying on the PC. If you no longer need this data then you need to remove it manually.

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