Windows 10 Home has limited features as compared to Pro edition. If you have purchased the Home edition and now feel the requirement of more features, you can upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro Edition.

You don’t need to visit the Microsoft service center in order to Upgrade Windows 10 Home. You just need to access Windows 10 Store as Microsoft has added this facility in it.

If you upgrade Windows 10 Home, you have to be signed in as an Administrative.

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Comparison Between Windows 10 Home and Pro


Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro

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How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

Step-1: Open the Settings in your Windows 10 Home system and click on Update & security icon.

Step-2: Click on Activation link appearing on the left pane of the window and then click on                  “Go to Store” link.

Step-3: You can either purchase the license of Windows 10 Pro or enter the Product key (if you already have). In order to Purchase Pro edition, click on $99.99 button and follow the on-screen instructions. Now jump to Step-5.

Step-4: If you have the Product Key of Windows 10 Pro, click on “I have a Windows 10 Pro product key” link. If prompted with UAC, click Yes to proceed further. Now Enter the product key and follow the Step-5.

Step-5: Click on Start Upgrade button. Windows will start preparing for upgrade Windows 10              Home to Pro and then the Windows will get restart automatically.

Step-6: The upgrading process will start. After completion of upgrading process, sign in to your account and hit the Close button.

Your Windows 10 Pro system is ready to use.


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