Use Disk Cleanup Tool to Delete Unnecessary Files

Windows stores unnecessary files in its storage for various purposes. These files ranges from temporary files to thumbnails and occupy a significant space in the computer storage. You can delete these unnecessary files by using Disk Cleanup Tool. This will help you to free up the important space of your system and keep your Windows PC running efficiently.

As whenever you browse on Internet, the copies of web pages are saved on the computer storage to quickly shows the result when you try to open the same web pages. Similarly, there are many other unnecessary files which get created by the system and are no longer in use. These temporary files do not get deleted by itself, so if you require to remove all the unnecessary files, you can follow the guide explained in this blog post which will let you know how you can use Disk Cleanup Tool to get rid of these waste files.

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How to Use Disk Cleanup Tool to Delete Unnecessary Files

Open the File Explorer window in your system and click on “This PC” appearing on the left pane of the window. You can see the drives of your system named as C:, D: and so on.

File explorer window

Select the drive icon for which you want to use Disk Cleanup Tool, click on Manage tab appearing on the top of the File Explorer window and click Cleanup icon.

Disk cleanup tool in Manage tab

The Disk Cleanup Tool will start to calculate how much space you are able to free up.

Disk cleanup calculating space

The Disk Cleanup panel will show you the range of unnecessary files along with the space occupied by them. Check mark the files which you want to remove from your system and then hit OK button.

Disk cleanup panel

That’s it. You can use Disk Cleanup Tool frequently on all the drives and delete the unnecessary files to fast up your computer system.

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