How to Use the Signal App

The signal is an encrypted messaging app that is prepared by focusing on the privacy of users. Signal App is developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC which is an independent non-profit company. The signal is neither tied to any organization nor sells ads. The development of this messaging app is solely supported by the donations and grants that’s why Signal is always safe for your conversations. As the Signal is open-source, anyone can access the entire coding for analyses.

how to use Signal App

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The signal isn’t meant only for sending and receiving messages. It has plenty of demanding privacy-focused features. It allows you to disappear messages after a specific time, send encrypted messages, blur photos and much more. The signal doesn’t store your messages or media files hence this app is becoming the choice of the majority of people. WhatsApp users are switching to Signal just for the privacy concern. Here’s a complete guide that let you know how to use Signal App.

To Send Messages on Signal App

It’s pretty simple to send messages on Signal App. It’s just like other messaging apps used widely.

Launch Signal App and tap on the pencil icon on the top right corner of the app.

using signal app

Select the contact with whom you want to communicate. You can also use the search bar to find out a specific contact from a long list.

Signal app messaging

Now type your message and then hit Send icon. You can continue your chat on Signal.

send message on Signal app

To Send Disappearing Messages on Signal App

Do you want to chat secretly with one or more of your contacts? The signal is the perfect app for your secret texting and here’s how you can send disappearing messages on Signal.
Open Signal messaging app. Select the chat with a specific contact.

disappear messages on signal app

Hit the name of the contact to expand more options.

signal app disappear messages

Tap on Disappearing messages and set the message timer using the slider and hit OK. After enabling this disappearing option, the sent and received texts will vanish after they have been seen.

disappear messages time setting on signal app

To Make a Call on Signal App

You can also make a call on Signal by following easy steps:
Open Signal chat of a contact whom you wish to call. Tap on call icon and then a pop-up will appear. Hit call to initiate your call.

Make a call on Signal App

Your call will soon connect.

To Blur Photos on Signal App

Open the chat of a particular contact. Hit plus icon and select photo icon.

blur photos on Signal app

Explore the photos and select one that you want to send. Now hit the forward arrow. Click on the circular icon appearing on the top of the screen.

Blur photos features on Signal app

Turn on the Blur faces. This will automatically blur out the faces. If you want to extend the blur-area on the photo, just draw over that specific area. Finally, hit on the send icon.

blur faces and additional area of photos on Signal app

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