VideoCacheView 1.75 – Extract Online Viewed Videos From Web Browser Cache

VideoCacheView is a smart system utility which let you save video files you might have viewed from YouTube, Metacafe etc. online within your web browser.  It scans entire browser cache of your internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox and make a list of video files found. You can select the required files and save them to another folder for offline viewing. If you have a movie player that is configured to play .flv files, it also allows you to play the video directly from your browser’s cache.


File Size :- 70.50 Kb
License  :- Freeware
Version  :- 1.75
Homepage :- Nirsoft
Download  :- VideoCacheView

1 thought on “VideoCacheView 1.75 – Extract Online Viewed Videos From Web Browser Cache”

  1. Nice! Now, I don’t need to retype or bookmark all the urls of my favorite videos. With this video cache view, I can easily check everything in one place. Clicking video links is very easy than before!


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