WhatsApp Two-Factor Authentication For Beta Android Users

WhatsApp starts rolling out two-factor authentication for extra security measures. This feature is available for those who are running Beta version of WhatsApp Messenger. Before introducing this feature, WhatsApp used to ask for confirmation code sent via SMS but now beta users have to put 6 digit code while activating WhatsApp on new device.

Two-factor authentication option can be accessed from WhatsApp settings. WhatsApp asks for 6 digit code and email address for two-factor authentication. You can reset the code in case you forget that one. It’s a good way to keep your account more secure with an easy process.

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Steps To Turn On WhatsApp Two Factor Authentication

• Launch WhatsApp and open the Settings menu. Go to the Account option.
• Click on Two-step verification option and hit Enable button.
• Fill the 6 digit passcode and click Next. Again confirm that passcode.
• Add an email address and click Next. Confirm the same email address.
• Finally hit Save button. Your two-step verification is enabled. Hit Done button to close verification menu.

Note that users can disable this option if required. Besides this users can also change 6 digit passcode or email address anytime. Take advantage of WhatsApp two-factor authentication feature and make your WhatsApp account more protected than ever before.

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