WhatsApp Video Calling Rolling out to Android Beta Testers

The much awaited WhatsApp Video Calling feature for Android has started rolling out for android beta users. WhatsApp Video Calling was first rolled out to beta users on Windows Phone few days back.

whatsapp video calling beta

To get video calling feature you need to have latest beta version of WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.16.319. To make a video call, both users need to be on the latest beta version of the App. In case the other user is not having the latest version, then you will get error message “couldn’t place call”

As this is first beta with Video Calling feature, you will see more improvements and additional feature in upcoming beta version.

It will be interesting for you to know that this not the first time Video calling feature is made available to beta users. Back in May beta version was released to some random user, but was rolled back quickly.

How to Install Beta version of Whatsapp on your Phone

It will take sometime for WhatsApp Video Calling feature to be available on Stable version of the application. If you are like me how can’t wait until then, I suggest you install WhatsApp BETA version on your Android device.


In order to install latest WhatsApp 2.16.319 BETA from Google Play Store, go to WhatsApp App Page on Google Play Store and scroll down to the bottom. Tap in “I’M IN” button to enroll your self as a beta tester.

It will take around five minutes for beta update to be available to you. After five minutes update your WhatsApp messenger and enjoy Video Calling feature.

You can also download latest Apk of Whatsapp Messnger Version 2.16.319 with video calling feature enabled and install it manually.

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