Windows 10 Creators Update Bringing New System Reset Option

Windows 10 Creators Update for which every Windows 10 user is waiting for, is bringing lots of exclusive features. This update is specially developed for the creators but there are lots of latest features for everyone. Microsoft plans to introduce a new built-in System Reset Option in the upcoming update.

“This feature cleans all apps from your PC, except those that came with Windows and then updates your PC to the latest version of the Windows. All of your personal files and data will be kept. This process could take 20 minutes or longer depending on your PC.”

This message displays on the prompt window to state clearly about new feature when you starts using new System Reset option.

Windows 10 users can navigate its system reset feature from Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC during Advanced Startup. If you like to use this feature through Command Prompt then run the command systemreset –cleanpc. The current version of system reset allows you to use two options, the first option is “remove everything” (erase everything including personal files) and another option is “keep my files” (remove everything except personal files).

Windows 10 Creators Update: System Reset Option (Clean up and update this PC)

There is a tweak, if you run system reset option from the interface, you will get same two options as discussed earlier in this blog post and if you run a command line systemreset –cleanpc then you will get a single option. Now it is up to you how many options do you want on your Windows 10 screen?

system reset option in windows 10 creators update

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Now you’d like to know the difference between current and new System Reset option. The both available options reset the PC to its factory reset state and on the other hand, the new system reset feature do the same job as well as download and install the latest Windows version.
Let’s see what would be the reaction of Windows users about the performance and usefulness of this new feature.

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