Windows 10 Creators Update Manual Download From April 5, 2017

Microsoft has announced that the upcoming blockbuster update will finally release on April 11 but the direct download links for ISO files for the same are now available online in Insider ring. As this update will be available in a phased manner, all of the users can’t get this on the same date. According to Microsoft blog, Windows 10 Creators Update manual download can be availed with the help of Update Assistant from April 5 instead of waiting for more time. You need to review your privacy setting prior to download Creators Update on your Windows 10 device.

windows 10 creators update manual download

The upcoming Creators update gives you more control in updating Windows by letting you choose the time of updates and enabling you to delay the downloading of updates by one week. You can also expand the “Active hours” in case your Windows 10 PC is engaged in other task and you don’t want any disturbance in that dedicated time period.

Microsoft is seeking feedbacks from Insiders in order to shape the future of Windows 10. If you want to share your experience with Microsoft team, you can use Feedback Hub app. In case you face issues with this upcoming update, the expert team is available on Get Help app to assist you.

Furthermore, the technical team of Microsoft is taking the help of hardware partners to test apps compatibility and Insiders to refine the release. They are working continually on the feedbacks in order to provide a polished update.

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