Windows 10 Insider Preview: Amazing New Features You Will Want to Try

Microsoft recently released one of the biggest Windows 10 Insider Preview with awesome features update for every Insider, no matter he/she is creator, developer or IT professional. It means there are many eggs in the basket of Windows 10 Insider Preview and nobody will be disappointed this time. Insiders are getting mail which has highlighted main features along with important links.

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview

Every Windows 10 user want to try new and amazing tools and this is the time to have those tools on your PC.

Microsoft has revealed some of the new features which are the specialty of this new Insider Preview. As per Microsoft, Windows 10 Insider Preview may be substantially modified before the final release and the functionality of some of the feature depends on the compatibility of your system’s hardware and software.

Highlights of Windows 10 Insider Preview Features

  • Microsoft Edge with import data feature. The user will need to take only one step to move the important data such as history, bookmarks, favorites and so on, from another browser to Edge.
  • Windows Defender with new capability to cope with the bad performance of your Windows 10 PC.
  • Windows Cortana will now remind you every recurring activity. She will also help you to get your visited links from Action Center.
  • Start management by grouping multiple tiles to create separate folders.
  • Feature of visual preview of tabs on Microsoft Edge along with control of multiple tabs.

Microsoft has scheduled Windows Developer Day-Creators Update on February 8, 2017. If you are a developer, you can register to join livestreamed event and can know which new developer tools and features are specially available for you. Prepare your questions to ask at Q&A panel.

Insiders are getting chance to join Bug Bash of February. Microsoft has given this opportunity to all the Insiders around the world so that they can know experience of everyone and improve Windows 10.

IT Professional are going to get something special in Windows 10 Creator Update such as in-place UEFI conversion tool to automate conversion of devices to UEFI, search apps ready for Windows 10, guidance for almost everything, availability of FastTrack and notifications from security team of Microsoft in case of malicious activity in Windows 10 system.

Isn’t it interesting for Windows Insiders to have the experience of all these amazing features on your Windows 10 PC before the official release? Even Microsoft is excited to have views from the Windows Insiders. Stay tuned to know more about latest features of Windows 10 and more.

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