New Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15046 for PC Released

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15046 in the fast ring. This build doesn’t introduce any major features for Windows 10 as the blockbuster update, Creators Update is about to launch within a short period. The build 15046 comprises minor changes and features as it is mainly focused on bug fixing and improvements in the functionality of Operating System. This latest build is limited to PCs and is not available for mobile devices.

windows 10 insider preview build 15046

What’s New in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15046

The list of latest features introduced with this Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15046 is as follows:

• The color of Cortana’s home on the taskbar was the target for experiments but after getting the feedbacks from the users, Microsoft team has decided to provide the same color as before. It seems that users didn’t like the color experiments.
• The notification icon for Windows Defender Antivirus has been added to the notification area which enables you checks your protection status at a glance. Whenever you click on the notification of Windows Defender Antivirus, you will be directed to Windows Defender Security Center.
• Improvements in the translations for those who doesn’t speak or understand English language. Users can log feedback if they notice anything awkward related to translation.
• Microsoft is experimenting with how they display what you can pick up where you left off across your devices in Cortana.
• Updated Gamming settings icon in order to make the users feel more inline with the other existing icons on Settings home page.
• Now you can control the installation of applications. Only the type of apps which is allowed by you will be installed on your Windows 10 PC. For this, you need to access the path
Settings > Apps > Apps & features and then choose your preferred option for the installation of apps. This option will prove to add security features on your system.

What Are the Changes and Improvements in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15046 for PC

• We fixed the issue causing a small percentage of PCs to fail to update to recent builds due to a corrupt registry key.
• We fixed the issue causing Microsoft Edge and / or the taskbar to stop responding requiring you to open Task Manager to restart explorer.exe.
• Windows Hello face authentication should work again on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices.
After updating to a new build, we’ve updated the text on the welcome screen to say “Might take several minutes” instead of “Might take several minutes or so”. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback on how the original phrasing was overly casual.
• Cortana’s background is now black instead of the previous grey.
• We fixed an issue in tablet mode where, with certain DPI levels, Start tiles would render on first launch of Start after entering tablet mode but on subsequent launches would appear blank.
• We fixed an issue resulting in Shift+F10 not working to open context menus for websites displayed in Microsoft Edge.
• We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge where using the left/right arrow keys might sometimes unexpectedly result in forward/back page navigation.
• We fixed an issue resulting in copy failing the first time you tried to copy a password from the LastPass extension in Microsoft Edge to a website.
• We fixed an issue resulting in the Microsoft Edge app window being unexpectedly slow to follow your mouse when dragging it around the screen.
• We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge where, after opening a link in a new tab, tooltips might start drawing behind the Microsoft Edge window instead of on top.
• We fixed an issue that could result in input no longer working in a particular Microsoft Edge tab after tearing it away to make a new window.
• We fixed an issue resulting in Microsoft Edge launching on pen click when that was the configured pen click action in Pen and Windows Ink Settings.
• We fixed an issue resulting in Microsoft Edge sometimes unexpectedly crashing when deleting characters typed using an IME (for example, the Japanese IME, or the MS Pinyin IME).
• We fixed an issue resulting in drag and drop (for example, into an Outlook 2016 email) sometimes not working on PCs with multiple monitors where the two monitors have different DPIs.
• We fixed an issue where the icon for Windows Insider Program under Settings > Update & security was shown as a square.
• We fixed an issue where all windows on a PC using multiple monitors would move to the primary monitor after remoting into the machine from a single monitor remote desktop session.
• We fixed an issue resulting in Storage Sense in Storage Settings failing to purge the recycle bin with certain machine configurations.
• We fixed an issue resulting in an unexpected and unnamed 0 byte item listed under Manage Optional Features in Settings.
• We fixed an issue where PC Reset wasn’t working in the last flight, the PC would boot to a blue screen saying that there was a problem resetting your PC.
• We fixed an issue resulting in being unable to mount an ISO with the sparse file attribute set.
• We fixed an issue where handwriting text candidates might stop working properly after using strikethrough to erase words written in the handwriting panel.
• We fixed an issue resulting in the Korean IME’s composition indicator unexpectedly not appearing when typing jamo into certain text fields.
• We fixed an issue where app updates in the Store may fail with error code 0x8020002B.
• We fixed an alignment issue with entries on the Sign-in options Settings page.
• We fixed the issue causing the Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools to intermittently crash, hang, and fail to accept inputs. If you continue to have issues with the F12 Developer Tools, send us feedback!
• We fixed the issue where pressing F12 in Microsoft Edge multiple times invokes multiple F12 windows (all but one are non-functional).
• We fixed the issue where toggling F12 between the docked and undocked state repeatedly can crash Microsoft Edge.

Every Insider who has opted for Fast Ring will get this update and test the latest features of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15046. If you are one of them just download and install this build and let us know your experience via comments.

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