Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts Touchpad Gestures Guide

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
So you have upgraded to new Microsoft’s Windows 10? Then you might be interested in few of the new windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. There are many new key combinations which work with newly introduced features like virtual desktops, Cortana. Along with keyboard few new touchpad gestures are also introduced.

Windows 10 New Touchpad Gestures list

  • Activate Cortana by tapping three fingers on touchpad.
  • Show new Task View by swiping three fingers upword.
  • Move between Apps by swiping three fingers left or right.
  • Tap with two fingers for action similar to right-click.

Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

You can use Virtual Desktop more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows Key + Ctrl + D – Create a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 – Close activated desktop.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right – Switch between virtual desktop.

virtual desktop windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete List of Windows 10  Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Key CombinationsDescription
Windows Key + TabActivates Task View
Windows Key + AActivates Action Center
Windows Key + BHighlight the notification area in Taskbar
Windows Key + C launch Cortana in listening mode.
Windows Key + DShows current desktop
Windows Key + EOpens File Explorer
Windows Key + HActivates share feature in Windows 10 apps
Windows Key + IOpens System settings window
Windows Key + KStream to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows Key + LLocks Your machine
Windows Key + MMinimize all active windows
Windows Key + PSend Display output to projector
Windows Key + RRun a command
Windows Key + SActivates Cortana
Windows Key + TCycle through the apps on the taskbar.
Windows Key + ULaunch the Ease of Access Center.
Windows Key + XOpens start menu right click feature

You can also check latest Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts guide on Microsoft Website.

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