If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, your pictures are not safe even after you put the lock using a PIN. The person, who is looking to expose your personal pictures, doesn’t need to know your password and easily explore your photographs. As per Brazilian site, Windows Team reports that there is a security bug in Windows 10 mobile, due to which you can’t consider your pictures to be safe.

Windows 10 mobile lock screen bug

This lock screen security bug works both on phones on both the production and insider rings. But the very latest Insider Build isn’t vulnerable to this issue. The bug has been recounted in the Feedback Hub.

The Windows 10 Mobile lock screen PIN workaround works as follows:

• When the device is locked, just click any photograph.
• Preview the clicked picture via Preview thumbnail which is appearing on the lower left.
• When the photograph gets opened, delete it by using Trash bin icon.
• After that, press the back button.
• Now preview the picture again. You will be able to see black screen.
• Again press back button and preview the picture using thumbnail (for the third time).

Now you would be able to expose all the photos and videos of your camera roll without using specified PIN on lock screen. Many users have confirmed the working of this lock screen bug of Windows 10 mobile using the comments section of Feedback Hub.

Comments on feedback hub confirming the working of bug


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