How Windows 10 Users Can Monitor System Performance in Real Time

Windows 10 users can monitor System Performance in real time with the help of Task Manager which is built-in monitoring tool. Sometimes the users get concerned with the system performance and they feel the need to cross check whether the performance of the Windows 10 system is accurately showing on progress bars or not. The progress bars are not fully reliable at all. Task Manager allows you to monitor system performance with accuracy.

monitor system performance using task manager in windows 10

If you want to cross check the performance of the four sections, CPU, Disk, Network and Memory you can simply check it using Task Manager. You would have noticed whenever you download heavy files or update Windows and it takes much time than you ever expected. At that moment you would like to examine the speed of your network connection to make sure your network connection is faultless.

How to Monitor System Performance in Real Time

Open the Task Manager of your Windows 10 PC. There are different ways which can be used to launch it.
• Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc
• Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager
• Right click on the empty area of taskbar and select Task Manager.
• Type “Task Manager” in Windows search box and select the app.

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Select the “Performance” tab on the window. You can see the different components on the left pane of window.

monitor system performance using task manager in windows 10

Select the component for which you want the monitor the performance. On the right pane of Task Manager window, you can see the performance details in real time.

See the screenshot we have monitored the performance of Wi-Fi network. We found that the current “Send speed” is 112 Kbps and “Receive speed” is 2.0 Mbps. You can also see graphical representation of the performance.

monitor system performance using task manager in windows 10

In the same way, you can check Disk activity performance by selecting Disk component from left pane of window. Disk performance depends on Read & Write speed.

monitor disk performance using task manager in windows 10

If you ever find that the performance of Disk is not up to the expectations, you can restart the operation and monitor system performance once again.

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