Windows 10 New Game Mode: Aiming at Enhanced Experience in PC Gaming World

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 new Game Mode feature for increasing the performance in PC gaming world. It was the time when Microsoft was concentrating only on Xbox gaming console by keeping behind other gaming platform. Now Microsoft is emphasizing on every aspect while developing Windows 10 Creators Update. Along with other functionality of Windows 10, gaming scenario will also be in hypes due to major changes.

Windows 10 new game mode

Microsoft has not yet officially revealed the Windows 10 new Game Mode feature, but the leaked DLL file has exposed this. This new feature will enhance the performance of gaming platform by reducing resources used by running apps. The technique used in this feature will enable users to have better gaming experience than ever. Windows 10 new Game Mode will provide faster, better and smoother gaming environment. Furthermore, this will bring more interesting features such as game broadcasting and Arena tournament. Isn’t it more interesting than ever before?

The leaked build of Windows 10 (14997) has brought many other exclusive & latest features into light. Some of the facts are still uncertain, as Microsoft has not announced anything regarding the features which are merely disclosed by leaked build.

Windows 10 Creators Update highlights are showing that Microsoft is exploring avenues in every section of Windows 10 to make it a perfect OS in all the aspects.

Everyone would be curious to know more and use latest features Windows 10 Creators Update. For this major update users have to wait for approximate 3 months (till March 2017), but Windows insiders could get the chance to try these exclusive features in January 2017.

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