Microsoft Windows 10’s 32 TB core source code for Internal Builds are reported to be leaked online which could let hackers to find exploitable bugs and target Windows 10 systems.

As per reports 32TB of confidential data which is compressed internal builds source code is uploaded to  It is not yet perceived that who is working behind this leak of Microsoft’s Shared Source Kit.

The Microsoft’s Shared Source Kit is only available for qualified customers, enterprises, governments and partners for debugging and reference purposes.

This online Windows 10 source code leak also includes multiple versions of Windows 10 Mobile Adaptation Kit which is the necessary tool to run the operating system on mobile devices.

windows 10 source code leak

Although Microsoft Windows 10 is the most secure Operating System, this type of core source code leaks can compromise its security on the worldwide level. The attackers can use the information of Windows 10 security vulnerabilities and hack the Windows systems easily. As WannaCry ransomware attack impacted the entire world due to a single NSA’s exploit dubbed as EternalBlue, what would happen if more Windows exploits get in the hands of hackers?

The leaked source code, not released publicly, includes the base of Windows 10 hardware drivers, USB and Wi-Fi stacks, Redmond’s PnP code, its storage drivers as well as ARM-specific OneCore kernel code.

As per Microsoft, the Internal builds are created by Microsoft engineers for the testing purpose and finding bugs. Moreover, this confidential core source for internal builds has private debugging symbols which are not included in public releases.

Beta Archive’s administrators have removed Shared Source Kit folder from the FTP and will do the further review to confirm if they missed anything.



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