Windows 10 UUP Helps Microsoft to Reduce Update Size

Microsoft has announced that next generation of the delivery technologies is incorporated into the latest Insider builds called Unified Update Platform (UUP) in November 2016. The purpose of Windows 10 UUP is for the deduction of download size for build updates on PCs for the convenience of the Windows users. Microsoft have converged the technologies in build and publishing system to enable differential downloads for Mobiles and PCs.

For the first time, Microsoft began to release new Insider Preview builds using UUP with Build 14959 for mobile devices in November followed by the Build 14986 for PCs in December.

Windows 10 UUP differential download graph

Benefit of Unified Update Platform

Microsoft rolls out frequent updates for Windows 10 in order to keep the systems secure against bugs and threats. As it is good to receive regular updates but some of the Windows 10 users have unlimited access to the Internet with high speed and on the other side some have inadequate speed as well as data scheme. This causes the inconvenience when they have to update the latest builds frequently. This Windows 10 UUP helps Microsoft to reduce update size approximately by 35% and make it suitable for the users to update latest Builds available for Windows 10 Insiders.

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Differential Download Packages

The differential download packages consist only the changes that have been made since you updated your operating system for the last time. There would be no need to update all the files which haven’t changed. Differential download packages are developed to re-use the files available in your current OS in order to reconstruct the newer OS. This will enable users to download only those files which are changed or newly added.

The retail users, when they get the Windows 10 UUP client code for the first time is a part of Windows 10 Creators Update and when the users will jump to another major feature Windows update, they will notice the benefits of differential download packages. For the time being some of the Windows Insiders have been running UUP bits and experiencing the benefits of differential download packages.

If you are the Insider who is experiencing the differential download packages, share your experience with us via comments’ section.

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