Direct Download Windows 7 Offline Update links. Microsoft has changed the way it used to release security update and patches for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Previously it used to released individual patches and security udpate, but from now on both the legacy operating systems will be getting Cumulative Update, just as same as Windows 10.

There is little bit difference in way updates are scheduled to be released each month for Microsoft Patch Tuesday Window 7 and Win 8.1. Microsoft is going to released three types of updates each month.

  1. Security Monthly Quality Update (Monthly Rollup) :- This one is a Cumulative Update which includes security and non-security updates for the windows 7 update. Being cumulative means it will include all update and patches released in previous months.
  2. Security Only Quality Update. (Security Only Update) :- This is a Non-Cumulative Update and will include only security updates, and is not available through regular Windows Update.
  3. Preview of Monthly Quality Update (Preview Update) :- These are non security update previews which will be released by Microsoft in Upcoming Month.

Windows 7 offline update , windows 8.1 offline installer , windows 7 update 2017

We are going to provide you WSUS offline update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. These Windows offline update can be used to manually update windows 7, 8.1 operating systems. The offline windows 7 update installer links provided here are from Microsoft’s official servers, hence they are clean and are 100% trustful direct download links for windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Operating systems.

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In case you run into Windows 7 update problem after installing from Windows 7 Standalone installer updates downloaded from the links provided, do write to us in comment section below. We shall try to solve your Windows update problem.

How to update Windows 7, Win 8.1 on Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Windows 7 and 8.1 will automatically check for New Windows Update as per schedule, but if you don’t want to wait, you can grab it manually by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Direct Download Windows 7 offline update 2017. offline Windows 7 Update

Windows 7 Update July 2017 offline installer

Blog PostUpdate TypeRelease Date32bit64bit
Download KB4025341Quality Update11/07/2017DownloadDownload

Windows 7 Update May 2017 offline installer

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4019263Security UpdateKB4019263DownloadDownload

Windows 8.1 update May 2017 offline installer

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4019213Quality UpdateKB4019213DownloadDownload

Offline Installer Windows 7 Update April 2017

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4015546Quality UpdateKB4015546DownloadDownload
Download KB4015549Quality RollupKB4015549DownloadDownload

Offline Installer Windows 8.1 Update April 2017

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4015547Quality UpdateKB4015547DownloadDownload
Download KB4012215Quality RollupKB4015550DownloadDownload

Offline Installer Windows 7 Update March 2017 WannaCry Patch

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4012212Quality UpdateKB4012212DownloadDownload
Download KB4012215Quality RollupKB4012215DownloadDownload

Offline Installer Windows 8.1 Update March 2017

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32bit64bit
Download KB4012213Quality UpdateKB4012213DownloadDownload
Download KB4012216Quality RollupKB4012216DownloadDownload

Standalone Installer Windows 7 update January 2017

Blog PostUpdate TypeMicrosoft KB32-bit64-bit
Download KB3212646Monthly RollupKB3212646DownloadDownload
Download KB3212642Security UpdateKB3212642DownloadDownload


Standalone Installer Windows 8.1 update January 2017

There are updates released for Windows 8.1 on 10 January 2017.



    • Hi George,
      Think of a scenario where you are maintaining multiples systems in your organization. If all systems download updates individually, it might slow your internet speed. If you are not having unlimited high speed data it might also increase your data cost.

      Offline updates are also favored by IT administrators and Network Managers as these can be deployed on their Network as per requirement.

  1. Hi Bro, Very helpful and detailed post now i can integrate these updates in windows 7 offline image.
    very very happy to see indian author and website with a OS level post.


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