Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC (also called Vista SP2) fixes a range of bugs in Windows Vista discovered since the release of Vista Service Pack 1. The download provides enhanced security measures that will improve Vista’s defences against viruses, worms and hackers, along with increased stability and, fingers crossed, an improved experience for users.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is a large download and can be applied to any version of Windows Vista, provided Service Pack 1 has already been installed. You can download Vista SP2, burn it to disk and use it on multiple PCs.

Important notes:

  • This is a Beta/Pre-release, or more accurately: Beta 1 released in December 2008. It is not the final version of SP2. It should only be installed by users who understand the risks of installing Beta/Pre-release software.
  • Service Pack 1 is a prerequisite for installing Service Pack 2.
  • To download Service Pack 1 – which is needed before you can install for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 – head to the Windows section of this site (see the menu on the left).
  • The file will download directly from Microsoft’s servers.

File size :- 388 MB
License :- Freeware
Homepage :- Windows Vista SP2



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