Yahoo Company is in the hypes today as the company has revealed that more than 1 billion Yahoo accounts have been breached. This cyber-security breach is the matter of concern for Yahoo Company which has put the company into a great trouble.

yahoo accounts hacked

According to the records, in 2013 over one billion Yahoo accounts were compromised and it was considered as a bigger security incident. Apart from this, in 2014, approximate 500 million accounts were affected and the fact is still unknown that if both the incidents are inter-related or not. Yahoo is unable to find the hacker of accounts and notifying affected account holders.

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Main Highlights (Yahoo Accounts Hacked)

• An unauthorized third party breached data in 2013 with which over one billions Yahoo accounts were affected. Besides this, 500 million accounts’ data was stolen in 2014.
• Yahoo is unable to identify the intrusion associated with this theft.
• Information that is stolen includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers, date of births and hashed passwords. Moreover, in some cases, even encrypted or un-encrypted security data has been stolen.
• As per Yahoo, the stolen information didn’t include payment card data or bank details.
• Yahoo believes that the forged cookies were used by the third party to access the users’ accounts without any password and due to this reason Yahoo has rendered the forged cookies as invalid.
• Yahoo is taking necessary steps to get rid of this cumbersome hacking. It is notifying all the affected users and invalidated all the security questions and answers. Even the change of password is mandatory for Yahoo account holders.
• It is recommended not to disclose your personal and account details on non-secure websites and even beware of the fake links that can access your information if you click on that.
• Yahoo is continually trying to find out the sources of hacking and even believes that both hacking incidents are done by same hacker. But this is not sure yet.
• Overall, the conclusion of this breached Yahoo accounts’ data is not definite.

In brief, we can say that Yahoo account holders are not safe at all and they are panic due to data breaching by the third party. Yahoo has not stated anything about the security of their systems but it is crystal clear that their security systems are not fully maintained. The results are switches of Yahoo users to more reliable sites.


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